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Thank you for the wonderful Testimonials!

In January, I decided it was time to get my second.  My first dog, Tilly, a chocolate field lab, had been gone for 2 years after a fabulous 12 year relationship.  I got a new lab puppy in March (mother English lab, father Field lab).  Her name is Amazing Grace, but I call her Gracie.  Memory is a funny thing sometimes.  I had forgotten the difficulties of puppyhood and training.  I had an uber-enthusiatistic puppy who never saw a dog or person she didn't want to lunge at for some rough and tumble play!  We went to puppy kindergarten (in Chicago where I live), and I tried to instill some lessons and discipline, but given my schedule and Gracie's obsession with play and failure to obey, I was in dire need of help.  I did a lot of research on-line and decided an intensive board and train was just the thing for Gracie (and me!)  I found 3 finalists.  I first went to visit Black Jack K9.  Ashley showed me around, demonstrated her methods and showed what her dogs could do.  I made my choice right then without visiting the other places.  When I dropped Gracie off, Ashley handed me her harness (the only way I could control Gracie on walks) and said "you won't be needing this anymore."  I didn't believe her. When I went to pick up Gracie, the transformation was phenominal!  She could do things that I couldn't imagine two weeks earlier like obey down commands immediately and hold until released.  Training is a long term project and Gracie and I work on things every day, but the things Gracie learned like climbs, down stays, and general focus and obedience were worth many times what I paid.  And I haven't used the harness ever again!

Thank you, Ashley!!

Tim and Gracie

My dog is Ryka a 8 month old Highly socialized German Shepherd. Ever since I brought Ryka home she has been enrolled in 3 puppy classes at Petsmart and 1 other class outside of Petsmart. She has gone with me almost everywhere we go.

Since the day I brought her home she has tried to play with my other 2 Chihuahua’s ( who snap at her because they just did not want nothing to do with her)they would run from her and hide upstairs, so needless to say it was not a good situation.

Then there where walks I would take Ryka on and sometimes she would be (what I thought ) was dog reactive and with certain people she would go in a barking frenzy. I could not figure out why the people, because each day it would be different. 1 day it would be a child, another day a guy washing his car. It drove me nuts because I could not figure out why she did this.

So I started researching dog trainers and I called a few, but was extremely taken by Ashley’s true concern for what I wanted for my dog. She met me in person to calm my fears about what kind of training Ryka would need. We went for a nice long walk (with the dogs)and spent a couple of hours talking about my expectations and what she could do. I knew that day she had to be at Black Jack k9. So we decided on a day I would drop her off and I drove away content with the way I felt.

I went home and over the next week I had told some people what my plan for Ryka was.....And EVERYONE said "I would NEVER send my dog away " do not do it!!!! I know everyone has their own decisions to make and after meeting with Ashley mine was made up to take her there.

Here is what happened.....

I dropped Ryka off as a princess and I picked up a dog!!!!!!!

Ashley kept me informed with Ryka’s progress every day. I bomb barded her with texts and she replied within minutes of me asking. Any question I asked her she gladly answered (and believe me some where so lame)I can't stress enough how happy Ashley has made being with Ryka a dream.

I will say this...Ashley will get your dog 100% the way you want her, but you do have to continue the training at home (which may I add is so easy to do)

My results now are a very content dog, who listens to me. She does not bother with the Chihuahuas anymore (if she goes by then I just say no, and she walks away )they no longer run from her. She ALWAYS comes to me when I call her, which was one of the biggest things I wanted for her safety. And the "climb" is a dream. I can put her on a climb and vacuum, answer doors and just relax.

            If you are reading this because you are trying to make up your mind up about sending your dog to Black Jack K 9. Send your dog here. It will be the best decision you will ever make for your dog. Ashley has totally changed my relationship with Ryka. I wish I would have found her sooner.

Ryka has become the PERFECT dog thanks to Black Jack K9.

I owe Ashley everything!!!!!!!  She is truly a dog lover and trainer :)


            Lorrie & Ryka

I saw a truck with the information on contacting Black Jack K9. From there I looked up Ashley and her training methods. After seeing the numerous positive articles and great experience with Black Jack online, we decided to give it a try. Our 2 year old Golden Doodle "Izzy" was a kindhearted dog who was wild and totally out of control. We couldn't get her in the house when we needed to go somewhere, she counter surfed, got into garbage, and was way too rough with our kids. We knew Izzy's behavior was our fault, but we could not find a way to correct it.
After 10 days of working with Black Jack K9, Izzy is a changed dog. She follows commands, we can have her out with visitors, and even go for walks "off leash." We are no longer exhausted constantly getting up to see what Izzy was getting into. The "climb" command is an absolute godsend.  Now 5 months after training, friends and family still remark on what a changed dog Izzy is.
I was a bit skeptical about programs where you just leave your dog somewhere for days to be trained, I was wrong. I can wholeheartedly recommend Ashley and Black Jack K9 to help you have a happy, well behaved, excellently trained dog.
Thanks Ashley!
Matt Smith
Elburn, Il

April 25, 2013
I have a Rottweiler pup and I work a lot so I do not have enough time to devote to properly training my puppy.  As a dog owner I feel that it is my responsibility to teach my dog good manners and social skills.  He is a big dog and people have the tendency to be intimidated by Rottweiler's and I wanted to ensure that he would be safe around children, adults and other dogs to not only protect the safety of others but the safety of my dog as well.

The most significant improvement in my dog after training would be his attentiveness to me and my husband.  He respects us now as the "pack leaders" and responds when we call his name to come or to tell him no when he is doing something he shouldn't be.  Also, overall he is much more calm. Louis (our puppy) is just now turning 6 months old but for a puppy is very well behaved especially in social settings which he was not before.

His training was successful not just to teach him basic commands but to teach us as owners what to do, what not to do and and overall sense of how to handle him.  It is also very helpful that Ashley offers training sessions with you after she sends your dog back home!!
I think anyone could benefit from Black Jack K9, whether it's just a family pet such as ours or a dog that you want to show, do agility completions, protection / guard dogs, service dogs and police dogs. If you are debating whether or not to send your dog to Black Jack K9 I would say do not hesitate, you will not regret it and Ashley is so nice, so helpful and very obviously a true passionate dog lover!

Catie Jones

April 24, 2013
Just a few words of thanks for the great work you and your staff did for Cubby and us. We got Cubby from the shelter about 6 months ago and he is 2-1/2 years old.  We love him and especially Nate our son loves him, so when Cubby snapped at Nate one night during some play time we had to take some steps to establish the proper authority in the house. Because Cubby was not a puppy any longer I wasn't sure we could accomplish this.  When I talked to Ashley on the phone and told her our problem she was very reassuring.  That was a huge relief. Thanks to your training of Cubby, and of us, Cubby is doing just great.  We still have lots of work to do, but now we know what to do and that it will work.

Thanks again

Peter Chambers

April 11, 2013
My husband and I saw an article in the Beloit Daily News about Blackjack K9 and were immediately intrigued by what we read.  Our family has a Pit Bull Terrier that thinks he is the boss.  We had been discussing for quite some time about getting him some training....well, actually ......some training for us to be able to handle him correctly.  He rushes the door when guests come, jumping on them and we wanted to be able to break him of doing this without having to put him in a crate.  We sent him with Ashley for 10 days for training.  We met with her and Gunner at a local park when the 10 days were over.  We were ASTOUNDED by how Gunner responded to her commands, and then to OUR commands.  The greatest thing accomplished by her training is how we can use "the climb" when people visit.  All we have to say is "climb" and he gets on it and stays there until he's told "free".  He walks beside us on the leash without pulling and tugging.  He sits on command and stays.  Ashley's training is truly a miracle. She and her staff have such a "way" with dogs.  She takes the time to train the owners so they can go home and keep working with their dog using the same methods that she trained the dog with.  We highly recommend Blackjack K9 to everyone that is seeking the opportunity to have a well behaved pet.  Blackjack K9 is the BEST!!!!

April 10, 2013
We found Black Jack K9 by accident, and it turned out to be the biggest blessing in disguise. I have had GSD’s in the past, and they were easy it turns out compared to my current one, Jax. When he arrived, he was dog aggressive, didn’t respect anybody or corrections for the most part, and living in a high-rise condo downtown, this was naturally a problem. After initially working with another trainer for dog aggressive behavior, we still were having problems with him being able to live inside and with us. I honestly was just about ready to throw in the towel, and realize he was never going to be a city working dog, until I found Ashley and Black Jack K9. Her approach and round the clock training in everyday situations has not only taught him how to live in the house, but to channel his drive and harness his energy. Now after lots of work he is preparing for his first trial (BH Test) thanks in large part to Ashley and all her helpers/trainers. She is so genuine with her approach and care for dogs, it translates into fabulous dogs, whether everyday house companions or working dogs. I would not only highly recommend Black Jack K9 for personal or business K9’s, but for all dog owners new or experienced, as she will teach you to communicate with your dog in a whole new light, and the follow up lessons are great, as they take place in the dog's everyday environment. Absolutely fabulous, just wish I would have found her earlier.

Mark A. Julias, Sara Sanchez and (Jax)

April 7, 2013

Dogs have always been an important part of my families life. Last year we brought home a Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppy. From the very first day we brought Beyla home we knew she was very intelligent and strong willed. Training her through the basics was fairly easy as she was eager to learn and always wants to please. But it became evident that she was going to need training beyond what I was familiar with. 

We heard of Black Jack K9 training through a friend who had just finished a session with their dog training to be a therapy dog. So we thought we would give them a try. We set up an appointment with Trainer/Owner Ashley. I was totally amazed at what I experienced that very first meeting. Within minutes of meeting Beyla, Ashley had ascertained the problems we were having and assured me that Black Jack K9 could help. 

The main difficulty we were having before Black Jack K9 was the high energy level of our dog which caused her to not always follow commands. Chesapeake Bay Retrievers are large dogs and it was going to be problems for us if we could not get her to behave. We left her with Black Jack for one week of training. When I came to pick her up she was a completely different dog. She was well behaved and obedient. Ashley walked us through basic commands and explained the training she did with Beyla. 

The "Climb" command is the most significant training method I have ever witnessed. Before Black Jack our dog would listen to us, sometimes. After Black Jack she listened and followed commands all the time. Before Black Jack she would have to walk on a leash and would pull constantly. After Black Jack she no longer pulled at the leash on walks, and within a week after training and our reinforcements of the training, we now take Beyla for two mile walk/runs everyday at a local park, completely off her leash.

Black Jack K9 and trainer Ashley have given us a great gift in her training of Beyla. I would recommend Black Jack K9 to anyone. Their training is beyond compare. We have recommended Black Jack K9 to friends who have taken their dogs for training and the results have always been remarkable. Whether someone wants their dog to be trained for hunting, protection, therapy or  companionship Black Jack K9 is the answer. Give them a call, you won't be disappointed!

April 7, 2013
I brought my 10 month old Sheltie, Zoey, to Blackjack K9 from a recommendation of a friend.  Zoey was very hyperactive and had trouble listening to me.  When the door bell rang, she was right at the door barking and pacing.  When kids were outside, she would run along the fence and bark. Zoey wouldn't listen to me when I tried to get her to stop.

Ashley and Katie taught Zoey the "climb" command and worked with her on her leash.  During her stay, I was kept informed on how she was doing.  The online videos of Zoey's training helped while she was gone.  When Zoey returned home, Katie went through the commands with me and showed me how to keep reinforcing her training. With continuous training from me, Zoey now does her "climb" without hesitating and is getting better with the outside training (no kids out during the winter!).  

If I had a question or concern regarding Zoey's training, Blackjack K9 was always there to support me.  You can tell immediately that they care about your pet and love what they do.  I would recommend Blackjack K9 to anyone that has training issues with their dog, and I have!

April 1, 2013
We searched all over for a training program for both of our Dogs (Kasha and Behr). I knew the moment I read the Blackjackk9 Web site that this was the place for me. Ashley worked what I call a miracle for both of my dogs that were completely untrained and unmanageable. After the 2 week training session they are much more manageable and have worked on the all of the basic commands.  They also get along much better with other dogs. As my wife and I work to make sure we reinforce all of the training they received we can see a light at the end of the tunnel.  Thank you Ashley and Blackjackk9 for making our lives so much better by having pets that we truly want to spend time with now. You are truly the best!!!!
Mike and Rhonda LaBroi
Gary, IN

March 9, 2013
Illinois Animal Rescue has worked with BlackJack K9 to train several dogs with issues (including aggression, fear, running away and stress behaviors). We are a no-kill shelter, which means we believe all animals in our care can (and should) be rehabilitated.  Ashley and her team stepped up to assist us with these dogs--often on very short notice--and began a structured training program. She kept the dogs until they were fully trained. 
In every case, the animal went on to find a great adoptive home.  Ashley also remains on call for these dogs should any issues arise. We trust BlackJack K9 with our hard-to-place dogs and will certainly be using their services again. 

Laura Osheaski
Vice President
Illinois Animal Rescue

    How do we keep a simple review of a company when there are so
many great things to say about them?

I’m a 53 yr. old disabled hunter; my wife is 45 yr. old very outgoing women with disabilities of her own. We had bought an Australian Blue Healer puppy, such a tenacious little girl when we got her. We have 2 other older but very hyper dogs that do very well in the house but have semi poor manors. Ok Callie-our Blue Healer is very powerful for her size and extremely acute to what’s around her, I think she has liquid speed pumped into her veins at all times. We were unable to walk her or play with her without getting hurt, uncontrollable to the most part in the house. She has always done very well in her cage and actually has never even once gone in it but in the house if you turn you back, well she would leave a nice present for you kind of like a moose. I have worked with many hunting dogs in the past and my wife and I have had many dogs.

Callie and our cocker spaniel hate each other, they would get into truly massive fights and we knew that one day when she is bigger she may really hurt the cocker badly. So we started to look into dog trainers, wow expensive, how could two people actually afford a good trainer for one myself I’m on disability and that pays very little. I did a lot of homework on trainers and came up with Blackjackk9.

Anytime you use a trainer or as any business you really never know what you’re getting but I called at least 8 trainers and did not like what any of them had to say about how they train an animal. I called BlackJackk9, I really liked the thought of one they only take 3 dogs at a time, they do have others but as far as training goes only 3, the dogs live with them in their home and are rarely crated, they take them everywhere and spend a tremendous amount of time with them at the parks the pet stores anywhere and everywhere there is possibly distractions for the dogs . You have to realize that trainers only typically give 2 hrs. A day at the most they give training of an animal. 

Ashley and Carlos encompass their days around the animals to be training them at almost all the time day and night. Even after training, if there is an issue they will be happy to meet you and your pet and work with the two of you together to resolve any issue.

Callie today is much better behaved, we can walk her by our side healing, play with her, throw the ball outside and not worry about her taking off, she comes when called and stays when asked, she has a climb area where when asked to she goes there and stays put. She is now at least tolerant of the cocker spaniel but actually tries to play with him at times, she chews on nothing but her toys.  I do so love the approach they take and how devoted their effort truly  is put into training your 4 legged friends and yourself with them. For us we shall never look for another trainer and or boarding facility, for even boarding them over night they also give training during that time, they are not just kenneled and fed. There prices compared to others and the time they give is extremely reasonable and for people like us that are limited they are very helpful and willing to work with you. To them it’s not just a business or their job, it is their passion and love of what they do. Thank you BlackJackk9 for all you have done and giving us our friend and us a new lease together on life. We look forward to bringing her to you in the future for times we need her taken care of.  AP.

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